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The Czech Republic among the most innovative countries in the world

The Consumer Technology Agency (CTA) which is behind one of the most prestigious and biggest technology fairs – CES Las Vegas – has evaluated the innovation potential of 38 counties around the world, including most of the G-20 states and all EU countries. The Czech Republic came out of it as the country with the 10th highest innovation potential.

The CTA evaluated 25 indicators in 12 categories varying from Diversity, Freedom and Human Capital over Tax Friendliness, R&D Investment and Entrepreneurial Activity to Drones, Ridesharing, Short-term Rentals, Self-driving Vehicles and Environment.

After evaluating all 12 categories, the Czech Republic ranked on the 10th place. What may be surprising is the result which indicates that our republic is in front of countries such as Austria, Germany or Israel. As the country with the innovation potential has been selected Finland.

In which categories has the Czech Republic stood out? The CTA has stated that the Czech legislative environment is among the best in all assessed countries. The report argues that the Czech environment is favourable to new and innovative trends, such as the shared economy or autonomous vehicles. The Czech Republic is one of the leaders in the category of civil and political freedoms as well. Despite the fall of R&D investments last year, the Czech Republic has also placed relatively high in the R&D investments category.

Being selected as the 10th best country with the innovation potential is a great appreciation of the work of all people involved in building an innovative environment in the Czech Republic. At the same time, it gives the Czech Republic the commitment to fulfil this great potential.

If you want the learn more about the report of the CTA organization, look at the official website of the survey