National R&D&I Policy

In February 2016 the Government approved the National Research, Development and Innovation Policy of the Czech Republic 2016-2020 (NP). In the coming years more emphasis will be placed on supporting applied research for the needs of the economy and the state administration. The document identifies the key areas and research themes that applied research should focus on. The National Policy also proposes changes in the management and financing of science in order to create more cutting edge research results and involve enterprises more in research and development. Key sectors were identified as being biotechnology and nanotechnology, digital economy, automotive and aviation industries and rail transportation, as well as traditional sectors such as machinery, electronics, steel, casting and energy. Attention has recently been focused on cultural and creative industries.

The National Policy further identifies five areas in which Czech science lags behind, and proposes solutions: system for managing science and research, the public sector, collaboration of the public and private sectors, innovation in enterprises, strategic targeting of support.

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