International Collaboration

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic took over the presidency of the network of 30 European agencies

On Friday, the 25th of November 2016 in Brussels, Petr Očko the Chairman of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic took over the annual presidency of the TAFTIE network of 30 European innovation agencies from the hands of Laure Reinhart of the French agency Bpifrance.

TAFTIE is a European network of innovation agencies. TAFTIE was founded in 1992 and its official headquarters are in Paris. Its members contribute greatly to strengthening the economic performance of Europe by fostering innovation through the implementation of national and international programmes in research, development and innovation.

The aim of TAFTIE is to promote collaboration between national agencies, carrying out national technology programmes. It allows national organizations to share the best work in research, development and innovation, and collaborate at a European level. TAFTIE also collaborates with the European Commission and with partners outside Europe. For member countries, TAFTIE is a valuable source of contacts, information and experience.

The TAFTIE network brings together 30 organizations from 28 European countries. Some of the best known include the Austrian agency FFG, Finnish TEKES, Israeli MATIMOP, Polish PARP, Danish Dasti and others. The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic has represented the Czech Republic as a member TAFTIE since joining in December 2010.


The schedule of TAFTIE events for 2017 presided by the Technology Agency can be found here.