About Us

About Us

  • An experienced team of R&D specialists
  • Complex know-how powered by hard data
  • A unique position bridging the gap between industry and academia

CzechInvest’s R&D Support Department has a unique position in Czech R&D landscape offering consultancy, liaising with other relevant bodies, organizing various events, supporting high-tech investments into the country and facilitating bilateral or multilateral cooperation. It is your one-stop-shop for your R&D related endeavours.

International Cooperation

CzechInvest is actively seeking international partners for Czech research organizations and innovative companies through it’s Technology missions conducted in countries with high potential for collaboration.These sectorally focused missions are aimed at finding and supporting long-term partnerships with foreign institutions that are beneficial for all parties involved.

CzechInvest is also here to support your partner seeking events in the Czech Republic by tailor-suiting them to your needs based on thorough matchmaking, liaising with potential partners and providing organizational support.


CzechInvest boasts comprehensive databases of all research projects supported by public funding and their results, providers of R&D funding and their programmes, international cooperation in R&D, research infrastructure and capacities in the Czech Republic and more. All of this in great detail.

Thanks to this information base we can answer complex research-related questions in a heartbeat. Are you looking for concrete expertise? Are you looking for researchers working in your field? Are you in need of specific capacities to conduct your research? Our team can help you find it all.

We can also provide you with specialized R&D-oriented profiles of top Czech institutions which we keep in our catalogue „Who is Who in Czech Research“. There is almost 250 profiles at the moment from which we can pick the most suitable ones for you based on your interests. The catalogue is enlarged and updated regularly.

Domestic activities

CzechInvest bridges the gap between the industrial sector and academia by organizing various workshops and conferences that facilitate dialogue between all the parties involved. We also liaise with other governmental institutions to help form the R&D system into a more coherent shape.

For example, we are at the forefront of supporting the implementation of Industry 4.0 principles into industrial practice. These principles include application of autonomous robots, cyber-physical systems, additive manufacturing, virtualization or digitalization into the industrial environment which will spur the competitiveness of our economy for years to come.

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