ČKD Blansko Engineering


ČKD Blansko Engineering is an engineering-supply company whose main area of activities consists of complete deliveries of mechanical equipment and technology for hydropower plants and pump stations – hydraulic turbines of all types and sizes, pump turbines and pumps including outline and detail design documentation, hydraulic design, model tests, erection, and guarantee measurements on site. ČKD Blansko Engineering is focused not only on supplying new equipment, but also on refurbishment, uprating and overhauls of existing machines. Great emphasis is placed on high-quality hydraulic and mechanical design of the company’s machines in accordance with the latest global trends. State-of-the-art CFD and FEA computation methods are applied to optimise particular components and complete hydraulic machines to ensure high efficiency and long service life without any operational problems. Modern, cavitation-proof and environmentally friendly materials are applied in machine design.


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