Czech Science Foundation

The Czech Science Foundation (also known as the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, GA CR) was established in 1993 as the main independent public organisation with the aim to support basic research in the Czech Republic and promote international collaboration of researchers and research teams on the bilateral and multilateral levels. On the basis of calls for proposals, the Czech Science Foundation provides financial support for experienced as well as young and early-stage researchers. Moreover, it funds bilateral projects together with projects carried out within international research programmes. The subject of a project proposal is determined by the applicant (bottom-up principle). Around 3000 project proposals are submitted to the GA CR every year, of which roughly one-fourth obtain financial support. The GA CR invites proposals in all disciplines of basic research. The structure of support is divided into five domains: technical sciences, physical sciences, medical and biological sciences, social sciences and humanities, and agricultural and biological-environmental sciences. The main goals of the foundation include support of basic research with strong potential for world-class results, international scientific cooperation in basic research, professional development of early-stage researchers and effective use of funds.

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