Brano Group


BRANO GROUP a.s. is a robust European firm and a developmental partner for the automotive industry, which supplies clients worldwide with its products. BRANO GROUP currently includes twelve companies and sixteen plants in multiple countries. The company employs around 160 development engineers. It focuses on high-quality electromechanical products, particularly products for the automobile industry, locking systems, handling equipment and small castings. BRANO GROUP’s portfolio includes seat latches, side door parts (door latches, door strikers, side door hinges), rear bonnet parts (rear bonnet latches, rear bonnet strikers, soft touch openings, rear bonnet hinges), front bonnet parts (front bonnet latches, front bonnet hinges), door closers, lifting devices, car heaters (water heaters, stand-alone heaters), shock absorbers, manual brake levers, car jacks and bifunctional headlights.

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