VÚTS focuses on research, development and production of machinery for the manufacturing industry, particularly in the fields of machine tools, printing, food processing, packaging and medical equipment. Furthermore, VÚTS is involved in automation, development, design and production of special single-purpose machines, manipulators, conveyors and test equipment, especially for suppliers in the automotive industry. VÚTS’s activity is characterised by its offer of a comprehensive set of services ranging from research, development and design to complete implementation of technology VÚTS has its own mechanical workshop in which it is able to carry out all conventional machining operations for both its own production and custom manufacturing. R&D activities include methods and apparatuses for measuring technical parameters of machinery and equipment, mechatronic systems for controlling and driving working elements of mechanisms and machines, mathematical modelling of properties and behaviour of machine units including their interaction with their surroundings, methods and procedures in designing machinery and equipment for the manufacturing industry and designs for special textile applications.


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