New R&D Infrastructure

The Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation (OPRDI) was the fourth largest operational programme aimed at fulfilling the EU regional policy objectives in the Czech Republic in the period 2007-2013. The programme’s total budget of more than EUR 2.1 billion was funnelled to technical support for universities, commercialisation of R&D, technical assistance for efficient management of the programme and, above all, construction of new R&D infrastructure. Approximately two-thirds of these funds were used to construct eight large infrastructure facilities in the category of European Centres of Excellence (Priority Axis 1) and forty regional R&D centres (Priority Axis 2). The European Centres of Excellence focus mainly on international collaboration and contribution to applied results. The regional centres supported by OPRDI are also conducting exceptional research with a strong connection to the application sphere and thus help to strengthen the competitiveness of their respective regions. The programme as a whole has reached its sustainability phase and has already contributed to the creation of world-class R&D results.

The profiles of the European Centres of Excellence can be found below.


The Central European Institute of Technology is a multidisciplinary science centre focused on life sciences and advanced materials.

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Biotechnology and biomedicine centre of the Academy of Sciences and Charles University is a joint venture of eight public research institutions.

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Extreme Light Infrastructure creates a new generation of secondary sources for interdisciplinary applications in physics, medicine, biology and material sciences.

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The International Clinical Research Center of St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno is a new-generation science and research centre focusing on cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

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The IT4Innovations national supercomputing center conducts research and provides services in the fields of high per­formance computing and embed­ded systems.

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New Technologies for the Information Society Centre’s mission is research, development and innovation in the priority areas of the information society and materials research.

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Centre of Excellence Telč

The Centre of Excellence Telč (Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics CAS) has been established for research on historic and other materials and structures.

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Global Change Research Institute is a public research institution investigating the ongoing global climate change and its impact on the atmosphere, biosphere and human society

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Regional R&D Centers

Click to view a complete list of additional 40 newly established Regional R&D Centers focused on collaboration with the industry in applied research and experimental development.

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