Call for proposals

(CALL CLOSED) Call for International Collaboration in R&D INTER-EUREKA

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has announced a third national call for research, development and innovation INTER-EUREKA LTE317.

The call is open from August 2 to October 9, 2017. Applicants can now submit projects for international cooperation in research and development – EUREKA. More information (in Czech) about the call can be found here.


EUREKA is a leading open platform for international cooperation in innovation. The programme is an important tool of the European strategy and cooperation in applied and industrial research and innovation activities. EUREKA aims to promote international cooperation between European industrial enterprises, research institutes and universities, thus creating the conditions for increasing the performance and competitiveness of European industry and developing its common infrastructure.

EUREKA was established in 1985. It is currently present in over 40 countries and remains to this day the only initiative of its kind committed to the ‘bottom-up’ principle – ensuring that any R&D project with a good business plan receives the support it deserves, independent of its technological nature, or the type of organisations involved. Some so-called third countries are also involved under the status of the associated EUREKA countries. The Czech Republic has been a full member since 1995. More information about the programme can be found here.